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Sierra Ayonnie was born in Virginia, spent most of her childhood travelling and met a variety of people. At the age of 10 she wrote her first novel which was featured in her middle school, General Mitchell Elementary in West Allis, Wisconsin. At 16, she began to work part time as a cashier at McDonalds as she attended Phoebus High School in Hampton, VA. The customers became her inspiration for her poetry series Atrocity, where she used figurative language to paint the emotions of people in poverty. When Sierra Ayonnie began attending Virginia Commonwealth University she knew instantly one major would not supplement her love for humanity and writing, so she became an Interdisciplinarian with emphasis in applied psychology and writing.

As she attended Virginia Commonwealth University Miss. Sierra Ayonnie self published her first novel Planet Tun, which featured the story of an African American schizophrenic patient whose diary entries were sold into a local newspaper in Spokane, Washington during the 70s. She continued to write dystopian fiction and drafted her third novel, Class of 2045, after feeling political outraged by the way that Predominantly White Institutions classified low income African Americans on campus.

As she continued to study Psychology she decided to devote a greater portion of her life giving back to African American communities through literature. At Virginia Commonwealth University, she joined Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated during Spring 2016. As a Zeta she has mentored the inner city students of Martin Luther King Middle School in Richmond, VA which sparked the idea to begin writing The Sandy Walker Series a collection based off of the notoriously famous Bluford High Series.

T h e S a n d y W a l k e r S e r i e s are a collection of novels that spands the life of Sandy Walker, a teen from Sedona, Arizona who was raised in a single mother household. Sandy isn’t ready to grow up and begin paying bills, her personality feels invalidated when she realizes that finances won’t allow college to be an option. As soon as Sandy graduates high school her life begins to pick up the pace in a way she never could have imagine. Barely able to understand family secrets about her imprisoned father and family’s long standing history of drug usage she fights to attain her own identity. Throughout the course of the series she grows more into her personality and starts to realize the struggles she was always taught isn’t the safest way of life.

As soon as Sandy graduates high school her life begins to pick up the pace in a way she never could have imagine.

Through Sandy Walker other novels are born as readers grow closer to the people who influences Sandy’s life. Recently released, Alcentè, Sandy’s father battles with his fate as he tries his hardest to avoid prison after coming home from a 20 year sentence. Alcentè, a Mexican American has a hard time coping with the friction between avoiding the streets and being the ultimate family man. Alcentè spends many of his days living with Sonya, his high school sweet heart, and Sandy running from the wages of sin.

You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.

Toni Morrison

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