While taking a journey on this thing that we call life we often meet people along the way that help to make different impacts on our hearts, minds, and souls. These people have things to teach us, are unique in where they come from, and change from time to time depending on life’s situations, contexts, and environments. But, what will never change is the root that this person has implanted in the heart, the mind, or the body of another they care about.

Think about a tree. A tree’s roots grow downward into the soil beneath us to enhance the other molecules of sediment in order to help produce soil so fertile that some of life’s most abundant flowers grow upward. That is what these people are like. From time to time they may wither and rely on our help to nourish back to life or they can’t grow anymore and have to be reminded that their possibilities are endless.

But, no matter their way of being explored or how one runs into them along their journey of life they are still there. When fires are ablaze in forests some of those trees still stand or regrow once the flame has been put away because they are deeply rooted. Each rooted, weaving around the hearts of many, caress the minds and souls of every person it encounters. The caressing nature is what we cling too, almost like its branches.

Do not forget the many trees that you may come by on your journey down memory’s lane.

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