Good Morning world Last night I took the…

Good Morning world!

Last night,

I took the time to fix my blog so that I can feel comfortable writing on here, almost like I did with my previous blog, only this time it’ll be easier to find more writers who are a part of the same genre.

I have a couple of goals for myself to complete between now and August just because I don’t know a writer who doesn’t live by deadlines. Well, here goes it:

1.) FIGS BOOK 1: Planet Tun’s rewrite will be complete so that you all can purchase it. If you want a summary about it then I will feel happy to provide that for you just leave a comment beneath this update.

2.) FIGS BOOK 2: Doria’s Tale Will be finished by August, not so sure about the edits, we shall see if all of the edits will be done in addition to.

3.) I want to publish my first small book of poetry


as you can see, I have a lot on my plate but it’s nothing that a writer can’t handle. I mean, look at us, we do the inevitable. With that, I will catch you all on the flip side, leave comments and questions behind I love answering them!

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