Blogger’s Anxiety

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Before I came to the conclusion that I would use WordPress I had many other blogs that were trial and error. Bloggers anxiety exists but before I can explain some tips to you allow me to first map out what it is.

Blogger’s Anxiety: A state of feeling anxious when working on a blog or blog post. The nervousness of creating content that will be approved by the public and an intense fear that your work won’t go viral.

In a nutshell, your experience of anxiety over the act of blogging.

I suffered from it.

I scratched the ground, dug my nails deep into the soil of Wix in order to create my previous blog, The Melting Pot, only months later for it to morph into an online magazine about Arts & Culture.  And while that might sound successful it wasn’t an overnight success and I still needed a place to build my writing portfolio, find a network of writers, and blog.

I know blog. What the hell does a writer even blog about? Writers blog about writing. And, we’re good at it.

I had so much apprehension over my first blog that I spent hours and hours trying to please the wrong audience.

Don’t get me wrong, my Facebook group which is comprised of family and close friends loooooove my work but they are not the contacts that I need in order to get my work out there.

So what did I do? I took a break.

I stopped blogging and began to focus more of my attention on the act of writing itself. I deleted my original domain, created a WordPress that would feature all of my writing, and began to find my voice in the writing community via Twitter. Who knew that almost a year later I would just now understand what my niche encompasses and the anxiety of blogging is over. But, if you are a writer reading this, here are my tips to you.


You can not be a best selling novelist without the help and recognition of others who are in your craft. Even if the vast majority of accounts that you follow won’t follow you back still believe that someday you will average over a million followers that are almost all writers. I know, that sounds amazing.


If I would have given up on The Melting Pot a long, long time ago it would not help me to find other blogs, interact with other writers, keep an engaged and steady audience on Twitter, and be exposed to different international exhibits. It really is an amazing magazine that has helped me to leverage so much.


Keep writing even if nobody is reading it. I know that sounds crazy. But, just imagine that someday there will be average of 500 hundred views per post. It can really happen, but you have to keep writing. If you stop writing then it will never happen and you’ve given up on yourself.


No good thing happens with negative thinking. Some of the most successful people had to change their line of thinking in order to have some of the best blessings fall in their lap. That’s what you have to do with what you love to do. So be positive. If your industry is film believe that you will receive a Grammy for the movie you directed, because what you imagine is what you can have.


I know, if you’re an introvert this can be daunting, but if you can manage to crawl out of your shell for forty-five seconds you might be surprised at what you can do with someone else. Other humans can empathize with some of the same feelings that you share so please, help them while they help you help yourself.

Those are my words of wisdom on this lovely Monday. Please, eliminate your blogger’s anxiety and just keep blogging.




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