Coachella, Underground

First, and foremost, I had no idea that Coachella overshadowed the struggles of people who are only miles away from the festival that’s held each year. Learning about the reality that occurs for immigrants that aren’t too far away from the festival brought on a sense of shame for our country. The way that advertisements are used to lure many people in speaks a lot about our priorities as a nation. I think it’s interesting that nobody has ever really taken the time to share the realities of such a harsh valley with those who are middle class citizens in America.

But, later, I will make a blog post about the overshadowing of Spanish American culture. I think it is a serious social conversation that we should talk about and spread awareness of. This article made me realize that there are more problems in our nation’s value system then what we can even begin to comprehend.

Nonetheless, when you know more you’re able to do more. If you just take ten minutes out of your day to learn about the struggles that “illegals” go through I’m sure you would be grateful to have done so.


Gabriel Thompson | Longreads | April 2018 | 25 minutes (7,013 words)

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In the spring of 2016, as Trump was clinching the Republican nomination for president, I drove east into the Coachella Valley, looking for a 48-year-old farmworker named Roberto. My cell phone had died and I soon became lost, meandering along country roads where I rarely passed another vehicle. When I finally found Roberto, he was standing outside a single-wide trailer, waiting patiently in his cowboy hat, with an amused smile on his face.

To the north and west of his trailer were more trailers. To the south and east his yard opened into the desert, which gave way, in…

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