New Bloggers

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In the process of promoting my novel, I have been looking for new bloggers to follow and build writing relationships with. Feel free to email me if:

  1. You have a novel that you want me to share with my audience
  2. You would like to establish good writerly relations
  3. You would like to read my novel
  4. You want to get to know me
  5. You think you have something in your archives I should take a look at 
  6. You are becoming a subscriber to my blog!
  7. You don’t mind following my blog
  8. If there is anything important that I should know about you
  9. If you would like me to get to know the reasons as to why you write
  10. If you are having a free novel giveaway (I could use a good read)
  11. If you would like to support each other on our journey as indie authors!

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Please, share a post, like something, and leave a comment. I’m always looking for new perspectives.

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