Breathing Statues in a Midnight Summer’s Dream

I send the first text:

“Look I forgive you for any and everything 

you’ve said to me and I apologize if I upset you”


Under the deep dark covers of my bed

engulfed in the sounds of a blue wave

I hold myself in fetal position

while holding my hands together,

prayerfully, head bowed, eyes closed


Inside of a cold, dark room I step,

two soft feet on chilling tiles

Slowly making my way towards you, naked

like I was in my dreams in the past week.


I receive,



I hold out my right hand to you

out of reach,

only your finger points to mine,


body rocks back and forth whispering

“please let me go”


we reach across a cold, dark room

where the windows don’t shine any light


“because I want to leave you on peaceful terms and let you do you

and I won’t talk to you anymore. It’s best for the both of us”


I whisper the soft prayer,

“please let me go”


and you keep breathing out

fog from your lips as the chill

of darkness holds your soul

suffocates your eyes

still pointing our fingers towards each other


you finally withdraw your arm


and my phone flashes:



I see flashing images of

Adam and God

pointing blaming fingers at each other

a famous image

staring back at me


Maybe, this is what it felt like

when God banned Adam

from the garden of Eden


The tears hold my cheek as

the feelings of despair

caresses my heart,

understanding an underworld

so tortured by

your shameless, unforgiving soul.


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