Hey All,

I haven’t blogged in a week because I have been taking a break and solely focusing on my novel writing without the distraction of classes/work. But, that’s all over now with the beginning of my summer classes and the need to get back to what I do best which is blog!

I love blogging because it’s an amazing place to comment on social things that are happening, update you about my latest writing techniques, and share some of the things that I’ve come across that is worth sharing. I miss surfing through all of you guys’ blogs and can’t wait to get back to that as well.

But, before all of the amazing things happen these are some of my important announcements to makes to you:

1.) Planet Tun is still available to buy!

Please, please, please support my grad application expenses by purchasing it. I’m saving all my royalties so that in August I can apply for multiple MFA programs.

2.) Doria is coming!

So, the novel that I’m writing next is the second in my dystopian series and its about the creation of a mega predominantly white institution by the name of Robert Lumpkin’s Institution and will feature a main character, Doria, trying to survive the psychological torture that is in place. If you like historical fiction this is definitely going to be your go to.

3.) I will stagnate posts!

I don’t really like to write ahead of myself because I realize that I get tired of a topic just because I’ve already written about it, but stagnating posts are actually a great way to grab your attention while creating expectancy. I’m going to try it, I’m aiming for every other day at 2:30pm to have something ready. Let’s see if I can commit.

4.) Have an amazing Summer!

Whether or not you made it to the end of this post, care to know about my writing life, or enjoyed reading this, I just want you to have an amazing Summer. If you’re writing, binge write, if you’re a reader, binge read, if you’re a netflixer, binge watch. You get the picture, just take it all in all Summer and then some! Have fun, live your best life, and drink! Don’t forget the drinks! (All virgin, of course lmao).

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