Why Do We Love Astrology?

I don’t know about you but I’ve found myself reading a daily horoscope prediction every morning just before my day starts to get insight as to what my stars are up to. Ya know, I have to say, it’s quite interesting.

I find that as a Pisces sun, rising Leo, and Virgo moon, my elaborate horoscope is always on point, but why am I and so many of my peers into this? What is is about astrology that captures our attention?

While some are arguing that our access to information is what’s helping us to understand the stars there are also equally as many stating we need to connect with the stars more and Google less. And yes, we can plunge down the many rabbit holes that Google has for us in order to learn about our compatibility with a Gemini or just why a Sagittarius values honesty, but really? Why is there no one answer for our interest in astrology? Where did it come from?


Does it have something to do with pop culture’s love for all things natural? Things that have to deal with spirituality, do we believe that through the stars and our assignments we can “connect” with something more important in the world around us? Or, are we trying to fill a void that technology has given us by means of looking to sky, literally, for answers? Is our obsession with the stars because we are “spiritual” and there’s nothing in the church that can help us to understand our “spiritual” experience?

And, all of these questions are redundant because I don’t have an answer for you, nor can you answer me. When I did my research on the background of astrology it was interesting to find how taboo it was not that long ago, it was seen as “witchcraft” to believe in zodiacs and the moon phases. But, now I find that most of us are aware just what moon sign is present on the day, today’s so happen to fall in Libra.

What are your opinions? Do you think that our interest with cosmology has to deal with wanting to know more about nature or is it just “all in our heads,” that what zodiac we hope to ascribe to another person is something out of the need to understand another’s nature? Lastly, does that “nature” even really exist, or does their astrological exist because we want it to?

7 thoughts on “Why Do We Love Astrology?

  1. Depending upon how deep and educated you get with it, astrology is sort of like a personality quiz that more know a little about than not. You can find people who acknowledge they have a (birth) sign, people who know what you mentioned here and those who can quote angles and houses, etc. to the infinitesimal. I am still quite the rookie at understanding all of it. I know my birth chart as far as the nine planets and ascendant go. I also look into astrology for other cultures; I know a bit about Chinese astrology and follow the animal/element cycles.

    I think astrology is like a grand puzzle of the universe some people just scratched the surface of long ago; and we’re slowly accepting it as something other than a sham.

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  2. Pisces sun, rising Leo, and Virgo moon

    Without consulting my resources, my guess would be you are a dreamer who actively questions your existence and thinks she should be more active or more of a leader. Or, maybe that’s how people see you, as a leader, while you’d rather be sitting under a tree daydreaming. I’ve read a woman’s sun suggests what sort of man she prefers/seeks (like a man’s moon tells what sort of woman he seeks). Your moon is naive, carefree or the preening sort, but an Earth sign, regardless, so it stabilizes your naturally wishy washy Pisces nature, sort of like giving your fish a bowl to occupy. So, maybe you are a self-sufficient or OCD/tidy dreamer/artist who can create masterpieces without making much of a mess.

    Am I hitting any home runs with this assessment?

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      1. Are you serious or just teasing me? By saying they’re all different, am I reaching in too many directions? I’m not at my best at the moment, but I do have moments when I can really touch on the heart of people without even trying. Divine intervention, in a way.

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      2. You didn’t know or think THAT much about your signs? I’d honestly do better if I was sitting with you and had at least one astrology resource book on hand. It’s a bit like plant roots absorbing elements from the environment. I’m a bit of a plant-person.


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