The Spirituality of Writing: How Writing Can Be Meditative

Although we don’t usually associate writing as a form of meditation but it can be one of the most basic and insightful ways of practicing meditation when our thoughts are moving a bit too fast. The goal of a written meditation can vary from person to person, but the overall reasoning behind it is the same, to either relax, concentrate, or focus. Sometimes, relaxing can mean to slow down all of our ever changing emotions while concentrating seeks to bring us to a place of contemplation and focusing is to well… focus. But with all of those reasons in mind, how can writing be meditative?

Often times, emphasis is placed on the product of writing, not the process. The product can be anything from a bible, to novel, to a simple article (like this one) but the process can be overlooked.

The process of writing is usually meditative, but the technique can vary from writer to writer. I like to think of my own, personal, writing as a stream consciousness where my thoughts so easily move across the page without interruption. However, if using writing as a way to journal, or reflect on your human experience, there can be moments of brief pauses where thought is stopped in order to remember a certain moment in time.

The process of writing is important because how we write is defined by the way that we come to writing. How did you come to this article? Are you already a writer who wonders just what the muse of another writer has to share with you? Or, are you someone looking for a new way to view writing?

Let’s say you’re the latter, and you would like to start meditating through the act of writing, the simplest way would be to allow yourself to freely associate on a piece of paper. Don’t connect your words with ideas, consciously, rather, allow yourself to subconsciously write down each thought. What you will find is that journaling is easier than ever, when you try to describe your emotions you’re actively seeking a name to depict a feeling in the moment.

You can then change your thoughts, habits, and behaviors because you are becoming more, and more aware of yourself through consciously writing your feelings, moods, or attitudes down. But, you still ask me the golden question, how is that spiritual?

That depends, what do you define as spirituality? Is spirituality a peaceful emotion for you or are you looking for something above? In order to answer this question you can find yourself reading the product of spiritual journeys like that of the bible, Qu’Ran, Kabbalah, or even Sutras. But, your own spirituality can be created.

I know, that sounds far fetched. I like to believe that my spirituality was created by way of pen and pad along with mediation. The creation of this spirituality is what brought me to share with you, today, just why writing can be just as useful as reading something spiritual.

We all have our ideas about what meditation is like but what if we separated our ideas from what we think and begin to scribble down all of what we know? What if when we take the time to look back on what we have written it reflects our own version of the bible?

The beauty of creation by means of writing is spirituality for me, what is yours?

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