What Kind of Writer Are You? 10 Kinds of Writers, Which Are You?

Believe it or not there are subtypes of writers, not all of us take this serious or even want to invest our skills into something lifelong. And, from my experience I’ve come across all different kinds of writers so I thought it would be interesting to create a blog post about the kinds of writers and then help you to figure out just what kind you happen to be.

1.) The “for-fun” Writer

You don’t write just because you have to or you’re required to, you only write for fun. In fact, you’ve probably created a variety of short stories, novels, and maybe even plays in your spare time but you don’t hope to profit off of them. You enjoy writing, you don’t see anything serious about it and maybe find it therapeutic to escape from your daily reality.

2.) The Novelist

You’ve decided to elevate your craft a bit by studying just what makes great novels well… great. You have a couple of novels on your laptop and you do wish to publish someday, you’re beginning to call yourself an “author” because you understand the elite prestige that comes with being a “novelist” and so, most of your free time is spent plotting, editing, and developing the next best thing.

3.) The Journalist

You don’t care too much for the world of fiction because you figured that creative non-fiction is just, if not, more important. You find that you’d rather spend your time sticking to the rules of AP Style, despite its creative limitations because reporting the facts is what’s worth knowing. Your style of creating a story is more effective just because its the truth which is stranger than fiction.

4.) The Blogger

You spend your time writing articles just because you like to get your opinion out there. You think that what you have to say is the best thing to say so you don’t mind writing controversial posts in order to evoke reactions out of the masses. You don’t know what playing it safe is and your blogging is what has your face all over social media, ah, what Twitter famous account you have. I envy you.

5.) The Technical Writer

Fuck creating the story, there’s nothing more important than those hazard labels. That’s right, you realize that life is all about cautions and warnings. Whenever someone goes to a socket you hope that they think of your electrical words to the manufacturers that will provide the best safety precautions. There was no accident that you landed in this field, even if you’re a scientific technical writer, you knew what you were doing when you filled out that job application and figured it best to devote your life to preventing harm as well as creatively sharing data in the form of long passages to argue just why one should not invest in some biochemical product. They needed you, so you were hired.

6.) The Freelancer

Oh, look at you floating website to website with your name all over different kinds of articles. Companies need you to write about their cars and you’re willing to do so, if they ask you to publish an article about the controversy of no longer having bees you’re going to write it as best as you can, and more than that you like to use your creativity to get paid. That’s right, there is no kind of writing that is “free” in your eyes. Who knows, you might even be charging your peers to draft their resume.

7.) The Veteran Editor

You no longer write. In fact, you’ve written so much of everything that now you would rather edit and tell people how to write. This is indeed a kind of writer because it implies that you have years in the world of publishing, marketing, and freelancing. You know all of the ways in and out of the writing world’s system and you’re tired. You’ve retired your black pen and have picked up a red one just so you can tell these brand new writers just what they should be doing next.

8.) The Professor

You are a multifaceted creature that is charged with the ethical responsibility of teaching by day and then novelizing at night. You change your cape with the hours as they roll on, sometimes you’re a child’s best friend, other times you’re just at the bar brainstorming the next theory to add into your book. Either or, you prefer to teach other people how to write so more than likely you teach creative writing classes.

9.) The Researcher

You don’t actually write much of anything, but somehow you know everything. You procrastinate on all of your articles, novels, blog posts, and maybe even deadlines because your Google search engine just can’t stop functioning. It’s like everything that you ever thought of has been placed inside of the search bar and those pages that were supposed to be drafted were long forgotten about because somehow you ended up on YouTube watching videos of cute little octopuses (don’t ask how I managed to find this perfect video).

10.) The Jack-of-All-Technique-Master-of-Some

This is me, oh yea, I’m definitely the Jack of All Technique Master of Some. I don’t devote my life to any one kind of medium of writing because I like fluidity. I like the ability to move from one kind of writing to the next. There are days I want to edit, days I want to novelize, create an article, do research, and maybe even float a couple of stories to other sources. But, more than that, this person, aside from myself, is versatile. This is the versatile writer who just can’t seem to get enough of writing. They love it so much that their written word just flows, no matter the medium, if you give the guidelines they can flow.

Now, some of us may have naturally been born into these different roles, others have sort of figured it out along the way. No matter the case, please note that each writer is significant and unique, tell me, which kind of writer are you?

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