Things I’ve Learned Blogging

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To be a blogger is a skill. It isn’t something that you wake up and you’re naturally good at, you have to love it. There’s a kind of voice that comes along with it, ways to publish good articles, and how to attract amazing readers (like you guys!) But, I didn’t learn all of this on my own, thanks to the help of my internship I was able to get well at my craft of blogging.

Let’s face it, if you want to be an amazing writer you have to embrace the idea of writing on different mediums, one being online platforms like social media or a website. You can’t expect to be a great writer if you aren’t versatile in nature and don’t adapt to various kinds of contexts. Of course, you could only focus on specific kind of writing and perfect it, but you still need the tools to market your work. So, allow me to share with you things I’ve learnt while writing for other platforms. This will be useful for you if you’re looking to gain more knowledge of how to enhance your blogging experience.

It’s Online Scrapbooking

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If you combine all of your social media profiles from snapchat, to Twitter, to Instagram, and Facebook you find that you could create a digital book of your life. It is because the internet is like a giant cookie jar leaving crumbs behind you everywhere you go, so think about that “book” and make your blog post a page out of it. No matter the subject matter, you should aim to make it as visually and writerly as possible. If people can see it then they’ll want to keep reading it. Bring your words alive!

Keep it Short & Simple

We are in 2018 and people are no longer reading long, long excerpts, especially not on the web. Keep your paragraphs simple, get straight to the point, but be entertaining along the way. Make people laugh and with the brevity create a need for your followers to return for more.

Love What You Write

If you are writing about llamas love those llamas because if you love it then people will love it as well. Always, always, write about the things that you love, if you don’t then your audience won’t love your story as much either. When you love your writing there’s a different kind of energy that is shared with others, that energy is what keeps you and your readers going.

Use Images

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People want to see what you have to say. We live in a digital age so pictures are everything if you want your words to move. You should consider finding all kinds of images, from social media to Shutterstock, and occasionally Flickr. I love, love, love using images because it makes it personal and you can convey your personality through the pictures.

When You Can Use Social Media

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I love placing social media into my blog posts because it gives a chance for another profile to shine, to share people that you probably don’t know, and feature some great quotes by others. Social media in a blog post makes for a great networking opportunity as well as wealth of knowledge that can be found from a source, link your own in your posts in order to gain more followers.

Make It Personal

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No matter what you’re blogging about you need to make it personal. You chose the topic of your blog for a reason so do your best to make the most of that reason by featuring some of your own thoughts, experiences, and views. Some of the best blogs I follow are of the day to day lives of writers who aren’t afraid to share their vulnerability and writer’s block. They also announce when they won’t be blogging because they’re without wifi, it’s pretty cool to be personal.

Don’t Give Up

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My earliest blog posts were not good, at all! I deleted my entire domain because they were all over the place and I wasn’t consistent with scheduling. But, I didn’t give up. An amazing blog takes time, effort, patience, skill, and creativity. So, try all kinds of things until you find what you need in order to create the blog of your dreams. Try different website builders, blog mediums, and social media platforms in order to find your niche, but whatever you do, don’t give up!

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