First and foremost, I want to appreciate every single blogger that takes the time to love Essays for what it is. All of my active likers and commenters are appreciated, I can’t keep going without your help, you let me know that what I’m doing is important.

In essence, you are why I keep writing! So, due to all of your dedication I have three amazing updates for you.


I made a channel! People were asking me to give them more of an online presence because they want to see some of my thoughts “in person” so I started a channel.

Currently, there are six videos up about different literary devices just because I wanted to get the hang of using YouTube. So, far, I love it! You can expect more videos and I’m always open to suggestions for topics. Please, like and subscribe to the channel!


With the creation of my YouTube channel, I thought it would be fun if throughout the next couple of days I share with you my take on what the foundations of a good story happens to be by featuring some of my videos, pictures, good books, and even social media accounts of authors! If that sounds like your sort of thing I got you covered, make sure you check back often because there will be a topic just for you and creative writing prompts.


Because, who doesn’t love upgrades and new things?! Soon, I’ll be stepping out of my element and buying my domain, becoming a “freelancer,” so stay on the look out for Essays’ blog layout to change a bit.

This is purely due to the traffic and amount of viewers that I’ve been getting (hence, keeping a little promise to myself.) I will be upgrading thanks to your help!!

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