The Essential Elements of a Good Story

We all know that a good story has to have the things that they talk about in your standard English class such as setting, theme, characters, plot, and conflict. But, isn’t there more to a good story than that? I mean, think about it, doesn’t a good story have more than just those elements. Here is my take on other essential elements of a good story.


An amazing story should bring out your feelings while you’re reading it. If you walk away from a book that didn’t make you feel anything more than likely you’re not really going to remember it. You should be able to associate the plot with the emotions you felt during specific periods of the book, this will resonate with you longer. This is usually why we find that a book which was written before the creation of a movie is more appealing.


One plot line is amazing, through one standard plot you can convey a lot of different themes that will cause your readers to follow along on a standard journey. But, I argue that what makes a good book more profound is the usage of intersecting plots. If you think about life, you don’t walk through it with only one story to tell, in the average of one day you can encounter multiple instances of events that can be retold. I suggest using this same idea when writing a novel. Realize that life is multidimensional.


Books that I love to read often time either have some kind of historical context to them or comment on some portion of society that matters on a day to day basis. Fiction can be a great way to make a political statement without stating your own personal opinion. Making a book political doesn’t mean that you have wars or even conversation about politics, it can simply be the usage of social issues which creates a foundation for your book to be used as social commentary.


A person doesn’t just write for eighty hours a week because they are bored or they just feel like it, usually there’s a purpose behind why a story is a story. Even some of the craziest most fantastical pieces of literature are rooted in some portion of the author’s mind as important which then becomes important for readers.


Anything that’s worth writing for a period of five years should make your readers remember it for thirty. It can be hard to define what will stick to someone more than another, but your influence should always impact the reader’s point of view about something in particular. No matter what your intended theme so happens to be, your writing should leave some kind of print on the reader’s heart that will make them ready for your next novel or to ignite a brilliant conversation.


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