Why Is “Multidimensional” an Essential Element of a Good Story?

Multidimensional fiction is not what you think it is. It is not the usage of planets and galaxies in order to create a story (although its what many of us prefer.) It’s actually something much more in-depth but practical. Multidimensional fiction is the writing of a novel or story that has intersecting plots and 5D characters.

You’ve encountered multidimensional fiction throughout your childhood when you read those novels like Harry Potter or Divergent. But, nobody has really conceptualized the usage of multidimensionality in order to make those pages turn themselves.

Okay, well, maybe somebody has, but it’s one of my top five essential elements of a good story and I’m only here to explain to you why I think it’s really important.

Multidimensional Plot

When you think about your day and how you start it until the time you finish you there are many of things that you encounter. You run into things like forgetting to do an assignment, having to pay something off, running into a friend, or even seeing another stranger. All of those things that you see become portions of how you remember what happened. Think of a multidimensional plot this way.

The overall goal when you woke up was to be able to come back home and go to sleep again but during that day you encountered more than one event which added to your story about how 24 hours went for you.

Below is a plot of how The Hunger Games was able to suck you in with a multidimensional plot. It was so much going on that you believed in everything in this world just because it reflected reality.

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 04.51.58.png

Multidimensional Characters

But, you can’t have a multidimensional plot without 5D characters. I’m going to show you what the standard character outline looks like and then I’ll share mine in order to explain to you the difference between a standard 3D and a complex 5D character.

Before I do this, its important to note that as a human you don’t do one thing and stick to that one thing all the time. You aren’t a robot that is programmed to be monotonous so why write in flat characters? Why create characters that only exist in a one dimensional world? Your readers want to believe that this character exist so make them as real as yourself, when you write them, become who they are.

Exhibit A: The Basic Character Build

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 04.58.34

We have all seen this going throughout our years of schooling and education over just what a character should be and in the creation of them, however, this misses a lot of the psychological portions that are real to humans. In order to capture that in a novel, I decided to change this. In my character outline, I like to ask more difficult and complex questions that makes one leap off of the page and into the reality of the reader.

Exhibit B: The 5D Character Build

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 05.04.56.png

Obviously you can tell that a 5D character is going to seem more human like, especially when outlined, than that of the traditional. People want to read about those characters more because there are areas of their psychological make up that creates room for connection and empathy. If a reader can relate to a villain in your novel through the usage of this construct then you’re on the right path to making a bestseller.



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