How to Remain a Productive Writer

As a writer in this day and age, we often think that we don’t have all the time in the world to come up with all the things we would like to share with others. However, I challenge you to rethink that philosophy.

If you believe that you don’t have enough time then you won’t have the time that you need. But, if you just place yourself on a timer and give yourself the goals then you will accomplish a lot more than you think. I’m going to tell you 3 ways to remain a productive writer in 2018.

1.) Prioritize

If you don’t prioritize your writing then nobody else will. They won’t take your writing seriously and, ultimately, you will become your own worse enemy. If your writing means anything to you then you will be willing to work on it and work on it often.

2.) Believe

Being an amazing writer isn’t hard, you just have to believe that you can write and come up with the words that you need in order to formulate the right sentences. It starts with reading so set goals to read a chapter here or a chapter there and then practice the art of writing by writing alongside other writers. You will be productive in that you’re accomplishing tasks, little by little.

3.) Do It

Ah, what are you waiting for? Being a productive writer doesn’t mean that you instantly publish a novel, it takes time. If you want to be a writer then become one, but more than that just do it. Just write. If you write then those two hundred words will be more important than if you never wrote at all.

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