AOTD: S. L. McGee’s Voices on the Air

As of lately, I’ve been taking my time to get to know different writers in order to network and trade ideas. It’s been really fun learning about the various kinds of things that writers are creating. This writer, Shea McGee, I met on Twitter. I invite you to follow her because her work is amazing. I was given the chance to read her first novel, Voices on the Air, and I’m here to not only review it but also her style of writing.

Twitter is a powerful tool that you have to use in order to connect with millions of writers around the world. Shea is located in San Diego, CA and although I haven’t met her in person it has been a pleasure to work alongside her in our shared group known as Blerd where we peer edit each other’s work.

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Shea is an amazing writer that doesn’t mind taking the time to get to know you and will interact with your work. If you’re looking for a great support system or even an accountability buddy she’s your go-to.

I took the time to get to know Shea’s blog, Written and Undone, and I was impressed with the shared chapters that she had posted for next novel. It made me want to read her work, she didn’t mind emailing me a copy of her first novel, Voices on the Air, it’s the first book in her Makaela Williams Series.

I enjoyed reading this because it was smooth in the way that it flowed from one chapter to the next. The transitions in this novel were worthwhile, her story never took you from point A to point B without connecting the dots effortlessly.

Makaela Williams, her main character, was nicely written in that her personality was realistic. I appreciated the voice that came with her as well as the setting of her work life. I thought it was nice how she commented on the social theme of business and pleasure in order to create a story of just why one shouldn’t find their boss attractive in the most unbelievable way.

On Amazon, I rated this novel five stars because it deserves each one. Shea wrote this novel in only a month but it was nice to see just how she created black fantasy towards the end of her work that will have a nice overarching plot for books to come. I highly recommend this if you are looking for something multicultural and controversial yet fantastical and appealing.

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