On Being a Consistent Writer

Ah, what a time to be alive. You know… this day and age when there’s all kind of distractions that can stop you from writing your best? There’s social media, the feeling of having too much time, and even the Summer as all reasons for you to be distracted. So, just how do you be a productive writer in this time with all that’s going on? Here are three ways to counter distractions and consistently write.

1.) Tune in and Tune Out


Tune into your work and don’t forget that it needs you in order to be finished. If you don’t think about what’s at hand, your career, then you won’t feel motivated to finish. Tune out of the millions of places that you’re being pulled in the meantime and remember that you aren’t quite a robot (just yet) so it’s important to give your energy to one place at a time.

2.) Plan200w.gif

Before you get overwhelmed by all that has to get written take the time to create a checklist of things that are a priority. When you plan out the work that you want to get done in advance it makes it easier to follow through. Through planning, you actually decrease the load by mentally releasing the tension that’s stopping you from writing in the first place.

3.) Accountability Partner


If you find yourself not being able to stay on top of everything, because of… I don’t know, lack of accountability, you might need a partner. These partners will keep you going in that they will call you up just when they feel like you need that extra push to finish what you started. Don’t be afraid to ask someone for help from time to time.

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