“Does Editing Ever Stop?” The Motivation a Tired Writer Needs

The process of writing a book is so much fun. You’re allowing your imagination to run wild, your fingers can’t help but dance, and your body feels relieved of all of its pent-up creative energy.

But, the next daunting portion of your life begins and you find yourself wishing that you never started the novel in the first place, and you begin to wonder… does editing ever stop?

Editing is like a circle that has no point of return or ever ending. The problem is finding the portion of the circle that makes you feel most satisfied to share with the world, be it, five months after finish writing the entire project or six years later. Editing is your partner in crime that never really fights the crime only perpetuates it.


And, the problem with editing (yes, this is my tangent) is that on top of reading your own work and hoping for the best, you have to read your friends’ and peers who look to you as a prestigious writer. They are seeking the answers from your brain and you’re just hoping that your grammar skills don’t fail you.

If you succeed then it’s an amazing feeling to have yet another project done. However, if the editing takes too long and there’s too much to change you might want to give up but hang in there. Editing is essential for making a nice and complete work.

Does editing ever stop? Not really, but what I can promise is that if you stick through it then you’ll be glad to see a finished product. One of the worst ways I’ve tried to edit is through “binge editing” which is essentially what it sounds like. I can not tell you how horrible of an idea that was. I still managed to miss so many small errors.


However, the best thing that you can do is allow your work to breathe. Don’t binge edit, or try to skip the process in its entirety. Instead, embrace it and realize that as a writer it’s only normal to get tired of your work at hand, especially if it’s a novel. But, I beg you, just keep writing! It gets better before you know it.

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