Writing Through a Standstill: 5 Ways To Get Back To Productivity


Being at a standstill in your writing is a lot like being stuck in traffic. You have a destination that you intend to reach but it seems as if you just can’t get there soon enough due to many, many road blocks. No matter what life’s distractions happens to be I have the tips you need to get through. Trust me, we’ve all been there, but here are my top five ways you can write through a standstill.

1. Just Breathe

When you focus on what you can’t get done then you will find yourself never being able to get it done. Instead, if you just take a deep breath in and out then you’ll realize that eventually you’ll be right back on track in no time. It’s important to breathe because if not your writing will be just as tense as you feel and then editing will happen in circles.

2. Don’t Stress the Work At Hand

You know all that you have to write and get done as an author, but it just seems like nothing is moving forward. You have a ton of other responsibilities outside of your life as a writer that just seems to get in the way of your work. Don’t stress it. If you stress all of the work at hand then you’ll never come around to the motivation you need to pick up that laptop once again and create the next best thing.

3. Allow it to Write Itself

It is counterproductive to write when stressed out or write when feeling uninspired. The best thing to do when life is giving you potatoes instead of lemons is to go with the flow. You have so many narratives that seem to make sense but none of them are coming out, well just allow them write themselves when they choose to arrive. Meaning, if you force them to make their way across a page it won’t be the same as if you allow each story or article to create itself from a well rested and destressed mind.

4. Walk Away from the Script

We all have that one project we’re working on that just can’t seem to complete itself. It’s just nails are being swallowed for breakfast as we bang our heads against the metallic bowl of editing. “How come I just can’t finish?” That’s the ultimate question we find ourselves stressing. Well, the most productive thing to do in order to increase productivity is to not finish. I know, that sounds like giving up. But, it’s weird how as humans if we tell ourselves that we have given up then our brains want to do all the work. Just be honest with yourself and take a walk away from the script, it’ll be finish sooner than you think this way.

5. Take as Long as You Need To


When I tweeted this last night I was surprised to see just how much more productive I felt admitting to myself that I needed a break from everything. I encourage you to do the same. You don’t always have to “have your sh*t together.” Instead, you can take a long, long walk to nowhere and be just fine with who you are. What you’ll see is that over time, by taking as long as you need to, you’ll get right back into the swing of things before you know it.

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