Short Story: Tessa & Eve

My best friend took me to the woods and told me that we were just playing a game. I wanted to believe but there was something sketchy about the way she made me feel. I knew I probably shouldn’t have trusted her like at all, whatsoever, but I couldn’t stop myself. I told myself that she would never do anything to hurt me.

When we kept walking the trees just became denser. I looked over to my left at where she was just excitedly walking with her sack in arms, “Do you want to play a game?”

Something told me to tell her, no, but I couldn’t resist. It sounded like a good idea, “I mean, maybe we can…?” She took the sack from her arms and tossed it to me. When I looked in it there was something heavy, dark grey, and stiff. The last little bit of light from the sun illuminated down onto it. I didn’t want to believe that it was what I thought it was. I was finding it hard to believe. I wanted to think that it was a just a stuffed animal but it was too heavy. “Have you figured out what we’re about to do yet?”

“Umm…” I could barely make out any words to her. The only thing that made some kind of sense was telling her that I didn’t know, so I just shrugged. “Tess, what are we doing?”

“In that bag is a rabbit. You’re going to set him on fire for the Gods.” My eyes were so wide, my face went blank. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. She couldn’t be serious. Set this on fire? What Gods? My mind began to race with so many questions. My phone began to ring and it was my mother, her name lit up the screen asking me where I was because dinner was ready. Tessa was just staring at me, “I hope you don’t think…”

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 22.34.00

“You have to.” She was serious. The look in her face suggested that there wasn’t any kind of joke to be made and that everything she wanted to say was said. “The Gods are waiting, Eve.”

I looked around waiting for some kind of sign, were the leaves going to rustle, would a branch fall, is there going to be anyone walking through the brambles? Nothing. “How do we start the fire?”

She looked at me and laughed, “You seriously believe me?” I nodded. I was scared half to death.

“We’re not going to set him on fire, dummy.”

I was confused… then what was going to be set to flames?

“You are.” It was right then that all my fears began to come to me. I was always afraid of this day coming. Somehow, I knew that I was doomed to die in a fire in the middle of the woods. Ever since I was seven years old, I would have dreams of being burnt alive. My premonition always reminded me whenever I took trips to camp during the summers. I couldn’t believe that the day was here.

You know what they always say… what you hate you can become, what you fear you’ll face, and what you can’t stand will surround you all the time. I never listened to such sayings. I know that they have some truth to them, but I never considered them as such.

And, if the truth is being told, I should have never become her friend. I knew that she was into things that I wasn’t but I never thought it would come this far.

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