5 Tips to Entrepreneur​ on a Budget

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I’m what they call an “Indie Author” because I control my own profits, what gets published and when, what I create, and how I sell. At best, I’m an entrepreneur. I make and run my own money, and at the end of a night, I create a budget for my daily life as well as my life as a writer. However, what happens when you’re in college and you can’t do this as well because you don’t have the funds?

In this essay, I’m here to share with you how I run my own business with a budget that’s below $300. And, even if you aren’t a writer, maybe this will inspire you to start up something for yourself or use something that I share with you to help you do something on your own. I’m going to keep this as short as possible so I’ll be giving you five major tips.


As an introverted person, I do a lot of my business transactions online, never really in person. I spend more than ten hours behind the screen each day figuring out just who my next virtual friend will be because what I realize is that through online editors, beta readers, and publishers I can get my novel out into the world. This means, I spend a large portion of my time on Twitter reading other’s work and sharing theirs.

Networking is key because if you don’t have the funds you need someone who may be able to do you a favor or discount a price of their services. Your pocket doesn’t have to run empty when you know how to converse and communicate.

Use Free Resources As Much As Possible

When I started writing I didn’t own Scrivener quite yet, I wanted to see just how devoted I was going to be to the craft. I used notebooks. They aren’t free, but they are only .99 which means that if I spend a dollar and fill it up then I should be able to use Pages on my laptop to make stories as well. That bare minimum principle allowed me to know that Scrivener was worth the investment for when I was ready to write a novel.

I encourage you to share this same mentality when it comes to your pocket. Don’t buy something unless you know that you’ll utilize it as much as possible. Make great use of free resources because they’re free, even if that means you’ll be writing on Google Docs for a while, it’s better than buying a program that you never open.

Self Talk Really IS the Best Talk

You aren’t ready to walk in the shoes of an entrepreneur if you can’t think outside of the box. Sometimes, when we run into budgeting matters we think that the best way out is to spend more money when in reality, less is more. Get creative about the way that your budget is arranged.

So, if you really want to purchase more novels to pass out tell yourself, “if I save thirty this week then next week I’ll use that to buy thirty novels” and with that self-conversation, you’re well on your way to success. People say, “don’t talk to yourself,” well that doesn’t make sense… if you don’t say, “self, stop splurging” then will you ever stop splurging on things that aren’t going back into your business?

Don’t Limit Yourself

Often we think, “I don’t have the money to do this,” but that’s not true. If you tell yourself that you have an endless supply of coins then you’ll find that with 3.00 in your account you’re doing better than nothing which will enable you to spend each dollar wisely. The less you have the more likely you are to plan, so try to only keep bare minimum in your checkings and your savings away from your hands’ reach.


People want to know about what you do and why you do it. Don’t go into selling novels if you think that someone will buy it just because they’re bored. Go into it because you love it and through your love market what you do. If you don’t market then you won’t be known, so, don’t make yourself the greatest secret to others. If you have a service that can help you to earn more on the side then tell people about it. If you want people to purchase the book, then be sure to convince them of the reason why they should. Market through blog posts, short stories, excerpts, and allow others to share how they feel about your work. If they love what you do then they will market for you, effortlessly.

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