To The College Writer: Spend No More Than $300 To Self Start

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Recently, I wrote a blog post about the ways that you can spend no more than $300 as an entrepreneur, in general, but while we’re on that same topic, this is specifically to the self-starting college student who wants to know how to be an Indie Author on a tight budget.

First and foremost, when you start writing you didn’t start because you were bored… okay, well maybe you were, but you started because you loved it. That fire is important because if you don’t keep that energy then everything that I am about to share with you, all of my secrets, are pointless. I’m going to give you all the tools that you need in order to get your writing and work off of the ground. I hope this is useful because I wish someone did this for me.

Buy Scrivener

I recently had a conversation about the different software that I use in order to make amazing work. And, one of the first things that I invested in, about a year ago, was Scrivener. I use it for planning, outlining, and writing distraction free.

But I use other things too, below is my breakdown for how I get writing done on a daily basis:

  • Scrivener (Mobile and Mac Version)– Novelizing
  • Pages (Mac)– Drafts papers and articles
  • Google Docs– Collaborated editing
  • Word Docs– Final drafts of anything
  • WordPress– Blog posts!

Avoid buying Ads

If you can, try to market without the use of Facebook Ads. They can add up easily. Instead, use hashtags to find many other writers and readers. Hashtags, in my opinion, do more than ads do just because you can use them often and diversify your audience way more than an ad can.

Also, create your own flyers to get your word out. If you take your time to make your own promo videos then people will appreciate the authenticity more than paying someone else to do it.

Self Publish

You can self-publish through Kindle Direct Publishing for free. They have promotions that they do for free and it will allow you to reach a different kind of audience that way. I don’t recommend finding an agent until you feel comfortable with your work without the pressure from an agency.

Especially, in the beginning, you want as much control over your craft as possible. It allows you to gain an inside view of the business and first-hand experience in all kinds of skills. And, you can market the way that you want. Some companies don’t market as well which can be hard to drive in royalties when you realize that you can’t make the amount you want by relying on someone else to make the sells for you.

Buy A Domain From WordPress, Blog

I’ve made more connections blogging and allowing others to find my writing interesting, that way, than just selling to a stranger. I recommend buying WordPress only after six months of consistent growth of an audience because it can be pricey. I paid $100 for my domain and other features, but well worth it since WordPress has a built-in community.

Utilize your blog to make the money spent back. Through ads you feature onto your website under certain posts, you can make the money that you spent on the domain back. Just publish amazing content that people want to read.

Order Your Own Books

Make money and then give the money back to yourself. The money that you make from a business should always go back into the business to make the business better than what it was before. So far, you’ve only spent around 200, that’s for a domain and Scrivener, the last $100 is on your product, the book itself. If you can leverage to spend $100 and order 100 copies of your novel then you can potentially sell them for more than what you paid to have them printed. In this way, you’re not only passing out some for free, but you’re also making more than what you spent back. That’s called profit.

Think Big

I don’t want to become a bestselling novelist because the pay is well. I want to become bestselling because what is in my books are questions to ponder, adventures, and mysteries to life. So, why don’t I earn what I deserve for my novel? Why not spend the time necessary to budget and to the craft? Thinking big means making more sacrifices than none to be who you want to be and that means spending money to make more back in return all because you love what you do.



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