How to Write Without An Audience: Steps to Overcome the “Silent Crowd”

Every artist knows about the “silent crowd.” Each artist knows what it means to have to create without having anyone to watch or listen. It can be daunting. At times, you feel as if your creations aren’t special or they don’t matter to the world but imagine this as a writer. As a writer, you’re always in this constant state of “talking to yourself” because you hope that the words you get out matter to someone, but there are no guarantees someone will be out in the audience. I love to think of the empty audience as the “silent crowd.”

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 23.17.45.png

The first step to overcoming the silent crowd is to realize that you aren’t alone. There are so many creatives just like you who wish there was someone to listen to them or see the outcome of their creation. At this moment, you can realize that since you aren’t alone maybe one way to overcome this feeling is to find a buddy that will help you out along the way. As a writer, the support of other writers will keep you motivated.

Writing, can at times, feel stupid when you feel as if there isn’t any one person that can relate to what you’re creating. I love to get over the silent crowd by realizing that there’s no such thing as a mistake in art and the silent crowd can’t judge me. The stupid feeling, slowly but surely, dissipates into positivity and what’s left behind is a feeling of confidence.

The last step in realizing that a silent crowd is actually the best crowd is that you’re allowed to be yourself. In those early stages of writing, you may be finding your voice, or figuring out what genre you want to write, or where you want to take your writing next. You need to rely on that silent crowd in order to propel yourself forward. And, in the midst of some of your greatest creations before it has been released out into the world you’ve already received the approval of your silence audience.

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