A Screenplay: Her Office by Sierra Ayonnie

Her Office is a screenplay that I’ve been writing. It was an open assignment for class and I could have written this movie about anything, but instead, I chose to write about something that means the most to me, the treatment of African Americans.

I love my culture, it influences a lot of what I do and create. I thought this would be an amazing take on the woman dynamics of power within an office setting. Granted, this movie takes place at a domestic violent call center known as Humble and Humane, it was my way of emphasizing just how culture can influence the workplace.


This movie was inspired by a real life experience that I encountered and I don’t know any better way to share its effects other than through my art. You can expect for each scene to be published Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at noon if you would like to keep up. Today, I’m only giving a briefing of what you’re about to read.

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 9.48.41 PM.png

About Her Office:

The movie revolves around a domestic violence call center where the leading manager each morning who oversees the flow of work is a white woman named Beatrice. She can’t relate to the main characters, who are all black women, as they navigate the phone calls that are being taken. Most of the girls who call in are African American, between the ages of 18-24, and are looking for relationship advice through something anonymous and confidential.


There is conflict around the way that Beatrice interacts with Deborah, Florence, Lorraine, Dina, and Michelle who are all black queens looking to change the way that the office is being ran. Each of the girls that are influenced by this power house manager are impacted differently outside of work. But, when in the office together these women are seeking out change in the workplace and are making demands for a more influential manager who wants to empathize with their struggles as women of color.

As tension builds and things are hard day to day for the women as they change the atmosphere of the office I would like you to reflect on the ways that this would be different if they were people of privilege. How would their roles change? Have we seen women of their type in offices before? What is the connection to management in offices today?

Stay tuned for the opening scene on Wednesday, October 10th, at noon! 

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