Her Office: Act 1 Scene 4

Scene 4 FADE IN: LORRAINE IS IN THE OFFICE CLEANING HER DESK As Lorraine shreds paper LORRAINE I wish I had friends, this is annoying. I’m tired of working. Lorraine empties the trash can, returns to desk. As Lorraine wipes off her desktop LORRAINE All of these people are annoying. I just want to workContinue reading “Her Office: Act 1 Scene 4”


PSA: I’m still here. I haven’t been blogging lately because my schedule has been crazy, but let’s see what happens within the next few days. I have somethings that I want to share with you so I hope this is fun. Announcements Thank you to all of my consistent followers– the people who were stillContinue reading “Announcements”

The Top Five Things Everyone Ought To Know About Being a Writer

I hate when I’m in conversation with people and they ask about what I want to do with my life, well… to be honest, I just want to write. I’m sure that many writers can relate to this because it’s what we were called to do. But, there are people that don’t understand that writingContinue reading “The Top Five Things Everyone Ought To Know About Being a Writer”

An Explanation of ‘Hurdles’ & The Strong Black Woman Schema

“If I can just publish a poem per day and rely on my writing as a way out I’m sure that I’ll get through this last semester.” –SA Those are the words I whisper to myself as my skinny black body and Afro goes into each classroom trying to fulfill expectations. As I walk aroundContinue reading “An Explanation of ‘Hurdles’ & The Strong Black Woman Schema”


Go to work Go to class Go to this meeting Go to that meeting Pay this Pay that Turn this in Turn in that Sleep for four hours Wake up Do it again Walk here Catch a bus there Call an Uber here Bike there Run here Walk there Wake up, early Be on timeContinue reading “Hurdles”