Her Office: Act 1 Scene 1

  Scene 1 FADE IN: BEATRICE, THE LEAD MANAGER, SITS BEHINDS THE DESK INTERVIEWING A BLACK GIRL.  BEATRICE  We are not hiring. GIRL Why not? BEATRICE Because we aren’t, you can’t work here GIRL Remember when I organized your office, you were ecstatic.  BEATRICE That was then, this is now. GIRL I need this job,Continue reading “Her Office: Act 1 Scene 1”


Go to work Go to class Go to this meeting Go to that meeting Pay this Pay that Turn this in Turn in that Sleep for four hours Wake up Do it again Walk here Catch a bus there Call an Uber here Bike there Run here Walk there Wake up, early Be on timeContinue reading “Hurdles”

Book Review/AOTD: For the Love of ATL Books 1-4 by Desiree Granger

Intro Ah! I’ve been itching to do a book review for a while now, but I’ve been binge reading! These novels were an entertaining four-in-one combo that will take you for a ride, I have so many thoughts. Allow me to share them with you! I took the time to create a YouTube video thatContinue reading “Book Review/AOTD: For the Love of ATL Books 1-4 by Desiree Granger”

Are My Classes Boring, or Am I Ready to Graduate?

We all know the tantric technique of just breathing in order to get through each and every day, but we especially rely on it to count down the minutes until graduation. You’re constantly in this state of, “Okay, one day down, just a few more to go,” while barely paying attention to anything the professorContinue reading “Are My Classes Boring, or Am I Ready to Graduate?”

QTNA: Am I My Character or, Is My Character its Own Entity?

There is something that we ponder, over and over again, that is… are we our main character or is it its own entity? I’ve often pondered this myself with the creation of Angelica and Doria in both of the novels in FIGS, and I thought this would make for an interesting discussion. You see whenContinue reading “QTNA: Am I My Character or, Is My Character its Own Entity?”