How to Write Without An Audience: Steps to Overcome the “Silent Crowd”

Every artist knows about the “silent crowd.” Each artist knows what it means to have to create without having anyone to watch or listen. It can be daunting. At times, you feel as if your creations aren’t special or they don’t matter to the world but imagine this as a writer. As a writer, you’reContinue reading “How to Write Without An Audience: Steps to Overcome the “Silent Crowd””

Short Story: Tessa & Eve

My best friend took me to the woods and told me that we were just playing a game. I wanted to believe but there was something sketchy about the way she made me feel. I knew I probably shouldn’t have trusted her like at all, whatsoever, but I couldn’t stop myself. I told myself thatContinue reading “Short Story: Tessa & Eve”

Short Story: A New Friend

I always forget that time doesn’t want on anyone. Things shouldn’t be a standstill, but that’s how I want them to be. I wish moments didn’t feel like forever and then fade away. It’s okay though because even though I forget this I’ve started to understand the art of timing. But, what’s obvious, right nowContinue reading “Short Story: A New Friend”