Go to work Go to class Go to this meeting Go to that meeting Pay this Pay that Turn this in Turn in that Sleep for four hours Wake up Do it again Walk here Catch a bus there Call an Uber here Bike there Run here Walk there Wake up, early Be on timeContinue reading “Hurdles”


Drugs We all take them We all use them We all need them What extent are we ran by them? In a world where Technology is a demand Are we reprogramming our brains as we suffer from chronic mental illnesses that go rapid? The alcohol user The coffee drinker The Adderall supplier The SSRI takersContinue reading “#2”

Short Story: Tessa & Eve

My best friend took me to the woods and told me that we were just playing a game. I wanted to believe but there was something sketchy about the way she made me feel. I knew I probably shouldn’t have trusted her like at all, whatsoever, but I couldn’t stop myself. I told myself thatContinue reading “Short Story: Tessa & Eve”

Short Story: A New Friend

I always forget that time doesn’t want on anyone. Things shouldn’t be a standstill, but that’s how I want them to be. I wish moments didn’t feel like forever and then fade away. It’s okay though because even though I forget this I’ve started to understand the art of timing. But, what’s obvious, right nowContinue reading “Short Story: A New Friend”

“Does Editing Ever Stop?” The Motivation a Tired Writer Needs

The process of writing a book is so much fun. You’re allowing your imagination to run wild, your fingers can’t help but dance, and your body feels relieved of all of its pent-up creative energy. But, the next daunting portion of your life begins and you find yourself wishing that you never started the novelContinue reading ““Does Editing Ever Stop?” The Motivation a Tired Writer Needs”

On Being a Consistent Writer

Ah, what a time to be alive. You know… this day and age when there’s all kind of distractions that can stop you from writing your best? There’s social media, the feeling of having too much time, and even the Summer as all reasons for you to be distracted. So, just how do you beContinue reading “On Being a Consistent Writer”