The Spirituality of Writing: How Writing Can Be Meditative

View this post on Instagram ✨🌞// Thinking a lot about happiness this week and how I can achieve it! What makes you happy? – If you didn’t know, I made an aesthetic theme account —> @hamfortheheart <— 🤩. The “choose happy” pic is my profile ♥️. – #bujo #bulletjournal #bujocommunity #bulletjournalcommunity #bujospread #bulletjournalspread #bujoweeklyspread #quoteContinue reading “The Spirituality of Writing: How Writing Can Be Meditative”

Breathing Statues in a Midnight Summer’s Dream

I send the first text: “Look I forgive you for any and everything  you’ve said to me and I apologize if I upset you”   Under the deep dark covers of my bed engulfed in the sounds of a blue wave I hold myself in fetal position while holding my hands together, prayerfully, head bowed,Continue reading “Breathing Statues in a Midnight Summer’s Dream”