Go to work Go to class Go to this meeting Go to that meeting Pay this Pay that Turn this in Turn in that Sleep for four hours Wake up Do it again Walk here Catch a bus there Call an Uber here Bike there Run here Walk there Wake up, early Be on timeContinue reading “Hurdles”

The Spirituality of Writing: How Writing Can Be Meditative

View this post on Instagram ✨🌞// Thinking a lot about happiness this week and how I can achieve it! What makes you happy? – If you didn’t know, I made an aesthetic theme account —> @hamfortheheart <— 🤩. The “choose happy” pic is my profile ♥️. – #bujo #bulletjournal #bujocommunity #bulletjournalcommunity #bujospread #bulletjournalspread #bujoweeklyspread #quoteContinue reading “The Spirituality of Writing: How Writing Can Be Meditative”

Why Do We Love Astrology?

I don’t know about you but I’ve found myself reading a daily horoscope prediction every morning just before my day starts to get insight as to what my stars are up to. Ya know, I have to say, it’s quite interesting. I find that as a Pisces sun, rising Leo, and Virgo moon, my elaborateContinue reading “Why Do We Love Astrology?”

Reasons You SHOULD Leverage Social Media for More [money] Income

As of lately, the only thing that’s been on my mind is the amount of influence that a writer can have just by having a social media account. But not just a writer, literally any artist needs the internet as their best friend. Kanye said it best in his tweet not that long ago: LookContinue reading “Reasons You SHOULD Leverage Social Media for More [money] Income”

Breathing Statues in a Midnight Summer’s Dream

I send the first text: “Look I forgive you for any and everything  you’ve said to me and I apologize if I upset you”   Under the deep dark covers of my bed engulfed in the sounds of a blue wave I hold myself in fetal position while holding my hands together, prayerfully, head bowed,Continue reading “Breathing Statues in a Midnight Summer’s Dream”