Her Office: Act 1 Scene 7

Scene 7 FADE IN: DINA IS IN HER DORM ROOM COUNTING HER MONEY. DINA I don’t know how I’m going to pay for some lotion. Dina sighs DINA My job doesn’t even pay me enough Dina’s cell phone rings DINA Hello? FRIEND (O.S.) Hey, are you coming to the party tonight? DINA I can’t. FRIENDContinue reading “Her Office: Act 1 Scene 7”

Her Office: Act 1 Scene 6

Scene 6 THAT EVENING– THE OFFICE IS CLOSED FADE OUT: BEATRICE IS DONE WITH WORK. SHE LEAVES THE OFFICE FADE IN: BEATRICE ARRIVES AT HER MOTHER’S HOUSE As her mother is talking. BEATRICE I’m tired of taking care of other people MOTHER What was that? BEATRICE Mom, I was talking to myself. MOTHER I can’tContinue reading “Her Office: Act 1 Scene 6”

Her Office: Act 1 Scene 3

Scene 3 FADE IN:DINA IS A COLLEGE SOPHOMORE THAT LIVES OFF CAMPUS AND IS CATCHING THE BUS As Dina waits at the bus stop. DINA I wish I wasn’t always late, I hate public transportation. The bus arrives. Dina arrives at the office. BEATRICE You’re late. DINA I caught the bus. BEATRICE There’s no excuse,Continue reading “Her Office: Act 1 Scene 3”

Her Office: Act 1 Scene 2

Scene 2 INT. OFFICE– AFTERNOON One cubicle is well lit. Michelle and Deborah are gossiping in front of a computer. MICHELLE Girl, did you see that video of Tomi Lahren acting out? DEBORAH White women, they ain’t got nothing better to do. MICHELLE And to think we work for one DEBORAH You better stop beforeContinue reading “Her Office: Act 1 Scene 2”

Her Office: Act 1 Scene 1

  Scene 1 FADE IN: BEATRICE, THE LEAD MANAGER, SITS BEHINDS THE DESK INTERVIEWING A BLACK GIRL.  BEATRICE  We are not hiring. GIRL Why not? BEATRICE Because we aren’t, you can’t work here GIRL Remember when I organized your office, you were ecstatic.  BEATRICE That was then, this is now. GIRL I need this job,Continue reading “Her Office: Act 1 Scene 1”

A Screenplay: Her Office by Sierra Ayonnie

Her Office is a screenplay that I’ve been writing. It was an open assignment for class and I could have written this movie about anything, but instead, I chose to write about something that means the most to me, the treatment of African Americans. I love my culture, it influences a lot of what IContinue reading “A Screenplay: Her Office by Sierra Ayonnie”