16:21, October 23rd

Today you’re breathing as you feel the pulsating muscles from serving coffee   I have a new job every month looking for a different one every day while the other one is slipping by the wayside.   I need grad school I need scholarly people around me or I’ll become a  feather in the breezeContinue reading “16:21, October 23rd”


Go to work Go to class Go to this meeting Go to that meeting Pay this Pay that Turn this in Turn in that Sleep for four hours Wake up Do it again Walk here Catch a bus there Call an Uber here Bike there Run here Walk there Wake up, early Be on timeContinue reading “Hurdles”


Drugs We all take them We all use them We all need them What extent are we ran by them? In a world where Technology is a demand Are we reprogramming our brains as we suffer from chronic mental illnesses that go rapid? The alcohol user The coffee drinker The Adderall supplier The SSRI takersContinue reading “#2”