Have High Self Esteem, Have Confidence, on Writing My Way Out of Despair

To: You
From: SA
Subject: Love Yourself


Somebody pray for the god kids I wonder what Michael’s the kids on Son They jammin’ to in his shit Rappin’ trappin’ trippin’ ‘cid and twerking  and chewing Vicodin and partying on [We] Shoulda died– yelling YOLO was a lie [We all] And you liars wonder why you [we] wanna die so young   You and I look live just alike AndContinue reading “Chain-Shooting”

So You Want to Learn How to Write? 5 Tips To Improve Your Writing

For most people, this is what writing feels like. It’s like swimming through snow only to reach nowhere important. I’ve been meaning to create this article for a while now, people have been asking me, “how do I get better at this?” Well, I have five huge tips to help you start writing more, better,Continue reading “So You Want to Learn How to Write? 5 Tips To Improve Your Writing”

[Si’s] Prayer

Hey, This is what I’ve been meaning to tell you,  And when I’m left without your love It could feel like a lifetime, baby, [remember?] And somewhere [in those days] start we had it all right Sunshine and blue skies, yes I recall But now there’s a darker blue I’m bleeding and you don’t careContinue reading “[Si’s] Prayer”