16:21, October 23rd

Today you’re breathing as you feel the pulsating muscles from serving coffee   I have a new job every month looking for a different one every day while the other one is slipping by the wayside.   I need grad school I need scholarly people around me or I’ll become a  feather in the breezeContinue reading “16:21, October 23rd”


Somebody pray for the god kids I wonder what Michael’s the kids on Son They jammin’ to in his shit Rappin’ trappin’ trippin’ ‘cid and twerking  and chewing Vicodin and partying on [We] Shoulda died– yelling YOLO was a lie [We all] And you liars wonder why you [we] wanna die so young   You and I look live just alike AndContinue reading “Chain-Shooting”

Are My Classes Boring, or Am I Ready to Graduate?

We all know the tantric technique of just breathing in order to get through each and every day, but we especially rely on it to count down the minutes until graduation. You’re constantly in this state of, “Okay, one day down, just a few more to go,” while barely paying attention to anything the professorContinue reading “Are My Classes Boring, or Am I Ready to Graduate?”