Short Story: The Visitor

The last thing I said aloud was “help!” I don’t remember too much about what happened the night before, but what I can recall is that there were three doctors dragging me by my hands and feet towards a padded white room. I don’t know if they had the plans of keeping me here forContinue reading “Short Story: The Visitor”

Short Story: Tessa & Eve

My best friend took me to the woods and told me that we were just playing a game. I wanted to believe but there was something sketchy about the way she made me feel. I knew I probably shouldn’t have trusted her like at all, whatsoever, but I couldn’t stop myself. I told myself thatContinue reading “Short Story: Tessa & Eve”

Short Story: A New Friend

I always forget that time doesn’t want on anyone. Things shouldn’t be a standstill, but that’s how I want them to be. I wish moments didn’t feel like forever and then fade away. It’s okay though because even though I forget this I’ve started to understand the art of timing. But, what’s obvious, right nowContinue reading “Short Story: A New Friend”