AOTD: Sarah Robinson-Hatch

Author of the Day includes Sarah Robinson-Hatch, a student that has a lot of books that she wishes could be read. Sarah’s writing style is quirky, fun, and personable. There’s no way you can not read her words because her personality is all throughout them. If you like to be exposed to new books SarahContinue reading “AOTD: Sarah Robinson-Hatch”

The Spirituality of Writing: How Writing Can Be Meditative

View this post on Instagram ✨🌞// Thinking a lot about happiness this week and how I can achieve it! What makes you happy? – If you didn’t know, I made an aesthetic theme account —> @hamfortheheart <— 🤩. The “choose happy” pic is my profile ♥️. – #bujo #bulletjournal #bujocommunity #bulletjournalcommunity #bujospread #bulletjournalspread #bujoweeklyspread #quoteContinue reading “The Spirituality of Writing: How Writing Can Be Meditative”